Traffic Contravention Software

Our Market Leading Traffic Contravention Software, Twenty21™, also known as Backroom Software is user-friendly, fast, efficient, modern and state-of-the-art.
It’s modular design consist of

  • Camera Edit
  • Easy Traffic Management System
  • Roadblock
  • Accident
  • Taxi
  • Utility Programs

Enforcement Cameras

We supply various leading speed and red-light camera brands.

  • RedSpeed
  • LTI Trucam
  • LTI Picocam

Enforcement Lasers

We supply various leading speed laser brands.

  • LTI TruSpeed

Automatic Number Plate Recognitions (ANPR)

License Plate Recognition is the modern approach to detect drivers and/or motor vehicles with outstanding fines and warrants.

Usages include Roadblocks, Automatic vehicle detail capturing in Twenty21™ CE for faster convenient camera offence capturing, Security and Policing.

We supply the following brands

  • ARH Carmen Freeflow
  • CA Traffic Evo8
  • Geovision DSP
  • Hikvision LPR

InCar System

Utilizing ANPR, our InCar System constantly reads license plates around the vehicle and will sound an alarm if a positive flagged vehicle is detected.

Detect vehicles with outstanding fines, warrants, stolen, high-jacked and what ever the reason for flagging the vehicle.

Handheld Ticketing and Enquiry Units

Our Android based rugged tablet Handheld System allows traffic officers to electronically issue Section 341 and 56 fines. A 3 inch Bluetooth portable printer prints a notification to the accused and the ticket is automatically uploaded in real-time to the main database. No more waiting days for a fine to be captured into the Traffic Contravention System. You can even capture multiple photos of the offence for evidence.

Scan drivers license cards as well as vehicle license disk during issuing of fine or general enquirer for outstanding fines or at a roadblock for outstanding warrants.

Internet Viewing, Payment & SMS Enquiries

View and Pay Fines Online.

We officer out Twenty21™ clients with FREE membership to host their issuing authorities traffic fines on the internet via

The FREE membership also includes public to enquire via SMS by sending either vehicle registration or ID number to 40625.

Computer Hardware & Software

We are truly a one stop shop!

As we are the only partner you will ever need, we also supply you with the necessary computer hardware and software you need to start and run your project or contract.


Not only do we supply camera for ANPR, we also supply CCTV equipment for security and access control. Our expert team of engineers and technitions will have you covered on no time.