Enforcement Cameras


  • SABS 1795 Approved
  • Digital enforcement from one to four lanes
  • Multi approach enforcement from a single system
  • RedSpeed 360 back office – multi sites to one server
  • Data hosting service provided by RedSpeed
  • Small file size for cost effective transmission / storage
  • Vandal resistant design
  • 3/4G Communications / ADSL
  • Universal LED traffic light integrated solution
  • Data retrieval 24 hours / day
  • Remote configuration from the Back Office
  • Speed detection from 20mph / 32 kph
  • Integrated flash unit
  • Twin head capability for dual carriageway applications


  • SABS 1795 Approved
  • Large 9.4cm trans-reflective LCD Display
  • Target drivers for speeding, tailgating, distracted driving and other traffic violations
  • High resolution images and full length video of violations
  • Electronic zoom
  • Automatic focus, iris and shutter speed
  • Nighttime filer enables enforcement at night under low light conditions
  • Measure up to 320 km/h
  • Build-in detection algorithms to combat laser jammers
  • Violation files stored with strong encryption
  • Build-in Ethernet and WiFi
  • Remotely configure and download violations
  • Used in over 90 countries worldwide