Handheld Ticketing & Enquiry Unit


An Android Application enabling officers to issue S341 and S56 Notices using a handheld device and to do online enquiries on outstanding fines and warrants and check for outstanding offences / warrants on roadblocks by scanning driver’s and vehicle license bar-codes.

See features for more information.

Some highlighted features

  • User Friendly
  • Fast Capture 
  • Easy as using a Smart Phone
  • Same username and password is used as per  authority’s Twenty21 system
  • Data is uploaded and downloaded very fast 
  • Data is uploaded directly to the contravention database
  • The system directly interfaces to the Officer Book system in ETMS to issue Virtual Books (vBooks) Automatically
  • Some information is automatically populated such as, officer group, officer number, location, vehicle particulars, drivers particulars, court etc, is captured based on the site
  • PDF417 barcodes can be scanned using devices built in barcode scanner
  • Evidence photos can also be taken
  • Location Codes are automatically narrowed down based on current GPS position of device
  • Easy continuous scan during roadblock operations