Traffic Contravention Software

Our state of the art Traffic Contravention Software / Backroom Software is made up of seperate modules for flexable installation and operation.
All our software is designed and developed with speed optimization, robustness, accuracy, secure and user friendliness as our main focus.
It can be run in an on-site or cloud computing mode.


[CE] (Camera Edit) allows users to capture camera offences from various makes and types of digital and wet-film cameras.

Various innovative features make this a super fast capture and user friendly system.

Optional ANPR can be used to automate capturing of this offences.


[ETMS] (Easy Traffic Management System) is the main contravention system into where all fines get captured, court processes executed, payments captured, reports printed and general administration executed.

It’s modular access and security module allows for flexible access control.


[RB] (RoadBlock) is our answer to roadblock operations. Offenders can be inquired by means of manual or electronic automated number plate recognition systems.

Lookup are super optimized for instant results.

Accept payment via cashier system on-site.


[AC] (Accident) manage accident reports and statistics with our Accident Software.

Handles unlimited scenario of cases. Multiple seprate accident reports from the same accident can be captured as one record.

Google Map integration allows to capture GPS coordinates, calculate coordinates by clicking on map and view the surrounding are with Street View.


[TX] (Taxi) manage taxis and taxi drivers operating in an area. Issue Permits to both taxi and drivers.


Detect unauthorized taxis via random scans by means of permit disc and id cards.