Traffic Contravention Software

Our state of the art Traffic Contravention Software / Backroom Software is made up of seperate modules for flexable installation and operation.
All our software is designed and developed with speed optimization, robustness, accuracy, secure and user friendliness as our main focus.
It can be run in an on-site or cloud computing mode.


[CE] (Camera Edit) allows users to capture camera offences from various makes and types of digital and wet-film cameras.

Various innovative features make this a super fast capture and user friendly system.

Optional ANPR can be used to automate capturing of this offences.


[ETMS] (Easy Traffic Management System) is the main contravention system into where all fines get captured, court processes executed, payments captured, reports printed and general administration executed.

It’s modular access and security module allows for flexible access control.


[RB] (RoadBlock) is our answer to roadblock operations. Offenders can be inquired by means of manual or electronic automated number plate recognition systems.

Lookup are super optimized for instant results.

Accept payment via cashier system on-site.


[AC] (Accident) manage accident reports and statistics with our Accident Software.

Handles unlimited scenario of cases. Multiple seprate accident reports from the same accident can be captured as one record.

Google Map integration allows to capture GPS coordinates, calculate coordinates by clicking on map and view the surrounding are with Street View.


[TX] (Taxi) manage taxis and taxi drivers operating in an area. Issue Permits to both taxi and drivers.


Detect unauthorized taxis via random scans by means of permit disc and id cards.


Import violation images and meta data from various makes and type of camera equipment. New camera systems are added frequently.
Fast capturing and user friendly.
Optional ANPR feature to automatically capture vehicle registration numbers and make/type if previous eNATIS data available.

See features for more information.

Some highlighted features

  • User Friendly
  • Fast Capture 
  • Automatic Vehicle Make/Type capture (if previous eNATIS data exists)
  • Support Various Camera Makes and Types
    • Current Supported Cameras
      • RedSpeed Int. – RedSpeed RedLight & Speed
      • LTI – Digicam
      • LTI – Trucam I/II
      • LTI – Picocam
      • Truvelo – Speed (Combi)
      • Traffipax – TPH III-SR
      • General Snap (General Images from Generic Camera)
      • TCS – Artmis
      • TCS – CapureCam
      • Belstow – LIXR
      • Syntell – X1
      • Aurecon – ASD (ASOD)
  • Generate Trucam I/II Predefined Lists for Officers (Operators) and Locations
  • Capture multiple authorities from one system
  • Easily adjust brightness, contrast, invert, zoom to read difficult to read license plates
  • Magnifying glass to quickly zoom into areas on the images
  • Easily cut-out license plate manually by click-and-drag system
  • Mark unusable imagery with special codes for analytics
  • Pre-validate captured cases in order to minimize officer effort during adjudication 
  • Easily filter cases by site, date or officer for capturing
  • Easily start capturing where you left off
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow for faster capturing and navigation
  • Optional: ANPR build in to automatically read license plates, cut-out license plate and capture vehicle make and type if previous eNATIS data available for registration number.
  • Customized Currency compliant for International Use


With its user-friendly interface, ETMS is the ideal tool required by issuing authorities to process fines and court documents. 
Generate reports on the fly within seconds.
Process traffic fine and non traffic fine payments from various sources.

See features for more information.

Some highlighted features.

  • User Friendly design and operation.
  • Runs on Windows 32/64 bit
  • Fast and Secure MySQL relational database
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Modular access control allows for fully customized access per individual user
  • Password Policy Enforcement Rules can be used and customized
  • Capture S341, S56, FIC & Blue Dockets
  • Easy adjudication mechanism for traffic officers
  • Generate G54 Summonses with multiple options
  • Allocate G54 summonses to Clerk of the Court and Servers with full tracking of control documents
  • Interface with eNATIS
  • Easy Redirect S341 system
  • Automatically verify and highlight vehicle make and types with eNATIS
  • Print S341 Camera mailers in color or black/white with enlarged number plate cut-out
  • Automatically Email as notice with PDF attached Camera Mailer during printing process
  • Automatic & manual interface to Third Party Payment Channels like EasyPay, Pay@, PayCity, Banks, Post Office and others
  • Automatic & manual update Internet and SMS servers databases with new, updated and finalized cases
  • Print General Letters and notification of issued warrants to accused
  • Comply with all Court Processes and Regulations
  • Prepare and process all necessary court documents and registers
  • Multiple reports for all aspects of the Traffic Law Enforcement Process
  • Comprehensive Office Book Management System. Include features such as
    • Capture of books received
    • Book ordering system automatically verifying no duplicate control document is ordered/printed for cases (notice number) already in the system
    • Print order with order number
    • Upon receive of ordered book, easily reconcile and accept books into the system
    • Issue/Receive books and VBooks to officers
    • Print various reports such as Book Allocation Registers, Book and Control Document Status and more
  • Comprehensive Management & Statistics Reports
  • Audit Reports for Auditors
  • Innovative Housekeeping System
  • Automatic Rollover and Reset function of number sequences for New Years
  • Build-in fine view screen for second display to public for cashier en enquiries
  • Supports a secondary notice number for migrated cases with notice numbers not compatible with Contravention Software
  • Integrated Track & Trace with call center. Build in Notification system via email and software indication
  • Single installation can switch between various issuing authorities for central inquiry center or call center
  • Easy Representation System with management and auditing reports
  • Interface to financial systems such as Venus & Munsoft etc.
  • Comply with MSCOA and GRAP
  • Issue and Print Warrant Registers, Control Documents and Reports
  • Capture Warrant Execution Results with Reports
  • System is customizable per client (site)
  • Capable of operating in single or multi authority environments
  • Scan and View Control Documents, Representation Documentation and Warrants
  • Customized Currency compliant for International Use


Do roadblocks with ease.
  – Manual capture ID number or registration number or
  – Make use of various ANPR camera systems to automatically read and inquire for non served summonses and/or outstanding warrants.

Scan original warrant control documents into encrypted imagery for recall and print on-site.
  – No more bulky boxes with warrants next to the road.
  – No more risk of losing or damaging original warrant control documents during transport.
  – No more timely manual searching for control on-site.documents

Can be used in on-line or off-line modes.
Various management and statistics reports.

See features for more information.

Some highlighted features

  • User friendly
  • Super fast operation
  • Issue G54 summonses on-site
  • Display and Print Encrypted Scanned imagery of Warrant Control Documents
  • Integrate with various ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems
    • Current supported systems
      • CA Traffic – Evo8
      • Geovision – DSP
      • Hikvision – LPR
  • Manual or Automatic Inquiries
  • Accept payment and print receipts
  • Do representations on-site
  • Management Reports
  • Statistics Reports
  • Manually load flagged vehicles
  • Easily update off-line database with main live database
  • Detect drivers with vehicles marked with
    • Non-served G54 summonses
    • Warrants
    • Stolen Vehicles
    • False Plates
    • Wanted Person
  • Integrate with Traffic Signal to direct approaching vehicles based on ANPR scan result
  • Assist with Covid-19 Lockdown movement
  • Customized Currency compliant for International Use


Accident report capturing made easy.
Build up the accident case from any scenario into one record, even if it is a large accident involving many separate accident reports.
Scan original accident reports for electronic storage.
Google Map integration allows for visual inspection of accident location surroundings and area.

See features for more information.

Some highlighted features

  • User friendly
  • Adapts to any scenario into a single record
  • Google Map integration allows to calculate GPS coordinates by means of finding and clicking on map
  • Geocode address to GPS coordinate or vice versa via Google Maps
  • Various Statistics and Management Reports and Graphs
  • Customized Currency compliant for International Use


Manage taxis and drivers in an area.
Issue and manage permits for taxi and driver.
Print permit disc for vehicle with a PDF417 bar-code for easy scanning during roadblocks or random checks.

See features for more information.

Some highlighted features

  • User friendly
  • Issue and print permit discs for taxi
  • Maintain a database with authorized taxis and drivers
  • Collaborate with taxi associations to root out unauthorized taxi operators
  • Various Statistics and Management Reports
  • Customized Currency compliant for International Use