Backroom Services

SVS offers premium backroom services to issuing authorities. See why you should hire us for your backroom services

  • We hire and train local staff in your area
  • We have more than 15 years experience running and implementing backroom operations and systems
  • Our collection rate is amongs the highest in the country

Camera Sales & Rentals

We supply various leading speed and red-light camera brands. Buy or Rent your’s today.

  • RedSpeed
  • LTI Trucam
  • LTI Picocam

Roadblock Bus Sales & Rentals

Need a roadblock bus?
Call us for a quote today. We offer

  • Customized setup
  • We offer various ANPR systems
  • Competitive pricing

Consulting Services

With more than 15 years experience in running and setting up law enforcement solutions and services, we are your ideal partner. Call Us to get you up and running in no time.


New to the industry or our products?
We have you covered.

  • On-Site or remote training
  • Certificates will be issued


Our engineers and technicians have many years experience installing permanent cameras, computer systems, networks,  printers, CCTV systems and more.

Call us to discuss your installation needs.

Traffic Counting and Classifying

Our radar vehicle counting, speed measurement and vehicle classifying equipment will supply you with nessesary statistics for your needs.

Buy or Rent you units.

We can install the systems for you and give you training on installation, data collection and more.

Software Development

Outsource your software development to us. Our team of developers has more than 20 years experience in various technologies such as

  • Mainstream Programming Languages
    • Delphi / Object Pascal
    • C++
    • .NET (C#, C++ and VB.NET)
    • Web (PHP, HTML, CSS etc.)
    • Android
    • Apple (iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS)
  • Databases design and administration
    • MySQL / MariaDB
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL
    • SQLite
  • Operating Systems
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • FreeBSD
  • Hardware Design/Development
    • Micro-control systems
      • Arduino
      • PIC
      • and more

Overload Control Centres

We offer software and expertise in bulding, implimenting and running Overload Control Centres.

Call Centre

Outsource you call-center to us.

Our professional staff can call for

  • Outstanding Fines
  • Upcoming Court Dates
  • Issued Warrant Of Arrests
  • and more

Network Installations & Management

We install and/or manage various types of networking solutions

Our field of experience includes

  • Wired UTP
  • Fiber Optics
  • Wireless (WiFi)
  • 2G/3G/4G (LTE)